Fighting Marine Plastic Pollution

Aired On: November 2022 Featured Here (In order of appearance): Mathilda D’Silva, Ocean Activist & Founder, Ocean Purpose Project Andrei Veksha, Co-Founder, Nanomatics & Senior Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University Grzegorz Lisak, Co-Founder, Nanomatics & Associate Professor, Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute, NTU Goh Khoon Heng, Kelong Owner Federico Lauro, Associate Professor, The Asian

Keeping Singapore’s Chinese heritage alive through its music

Aired On: January 2023 In 2016, Samuel Wong, a pipa player and the co-founder of The TENG Company, a non-profit arts group, went in search of Mr. Yeo How Jiang. Mr. Yeo started the first Chinese Orchestra in Singapore in the 1950s. Through him, Samuel and his co-founder Ji Wei discovered a community of musicians

Restriction-free CNY in Singapore

Aired On: January 2023 For the last two years, Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore were overshadowed by social restrictions. Amongst those was a limitation on how many people could gather at one time. Those measures are no longer in place, leading to the return of big reunions and large gatherings.