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Keeping Singapore’s Chinese heritage alive through its music

Aired On: January 2023 In 2016, Samuel Wong, a pipa player and the co-founder of The TENG Company, a non-profit arts group, went in search of Mr. Yeo How Jiang. Mr. Yeo started the first Chinese Orchestra in Singapore in the 1950s. Through him, Samuel and his co-founder Ji Wei discovered a community of musicians

Restriction-free CNY in Singapore

Aired On: January 2023 For the last two years, Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore were overshadowed by social restrictions. Amongst those was a limitation on how many people could gather at one time. Those measures are no longer in place, leading to the return of big reunions and large gatherings.

Panda-mania in Singapore

Aired On: October 2022 While his parents Jia Jia and Kai Kai were popular with Singaporeans and tourists alike, the city state’s first panda cub, Le Le has garnered a massive fan following since his birth in August in 2021. Le Le is scheduled to head to China next year, after he turns two. A

Meet Singapore’s highflying skydiving athletes

Aired on: June 2022 Many of you may have never heard of indoor skydiving, and some of you might think it is only meant for leisure. But the niche activity, which is already quite popular in Europe and the US, is fast gaining legitimacy as a sport in Asia. A big credit for that goes