Media Training

Learn to Shine on Camera

Our clients emerge from Perspective training sessions with a keen appreciation for how fast minutes go on television. Transforming your top-line thoughts into concise and memorable sound bites that make impact on screen is a specialty of ours. Perspective clients learn how to look comfortable and in command in a television studio, even if it’s their first time.

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Increase your visibility

Getting more media coverage requires your company’s key personnel to be seen and heard in the media on a regular basis.

Journalists keep looking for interesting and engaging stories they can develop for their audience. When you make your staff available for commentary in the media, you are positioning your business in a powerful way so people notice your message.

Media training is highly effective in helping you develop the skills to get your message across succinctly and with impact. We teach you to be an effective spokesperson, so that the media will return to you again and again for expert commentary on your area of expertise.

Speak to get noticed

Perspective media’s training will teach you how to use your words, tone, and body language to deliver your message in a powerful way. Video viewers are not only listening to your words, they are also looking at your body language and facial expressions.

One of the biggest benefits of our training is that we will help you develop your confidence in speaking with the media. Many people are terrified by interviews, and in particular, live television or webcast. However, when you develop your interview skills you will find being featured in the media to be one of the most powerful forms of marketing and PR for your business.

Define your key messages

Defining your key messages is essential so you know exactly what you want to convey when you are being interviewed by the media. We help you defining original, short key messages, focused on your audience, focused on the benefits of your product or service and use the language that suits your audience.

Don’t have more than five key messages or you will dilute the impact of what you are saying. When you are clear on your key messages, you can then keep coming back to them throughout the interview to get your points across.

Prepare for difficult questions

Sometimes journalists can ask you questions that are difficult to answer or put you on the spot. Our media training will prepare you for challenging questions so you’re ready for any unexpected twists or turns in the interview. Through preparing yourself for difficult questions you can feel more confident as you step into the interview.

Control the media interview

Even though you will be asked questions by the journalist, we teach you how to be in control of the interview,  maintain your composure throughout the interview and create the outcome you want.

When you are clear about your responses, you can steer the interview in the direction you want. This is a subtle and important skill that can only be learned through media training and practice.

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