Aliyah Sahni


Aliyah is a media and communications professional with more than nine years of experience as a news producer. She started her career with the Indian news network – TV Today, where she worked as prime-time producer for the English news channel, Headlines Today (later renamed India Today TV). 

Her work in India required her to create content, supervise output and manage live broadcasts on the biggest news stories and programmes – which ranged from politics to sports and entertainment. Her most notable works include producing high profile and award-winning shows like Centre Stage, Headlines Tonight, as well as the coverage of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, the Indian General Elections and the American Presidential elections. 

Aliyah has a passion and enthusiasm for storytelling. She has brought that passion with her to Perspective Media – where she uses her extensive 24-hour TV newsroom experience to bring a fresh take on stories to make them more engaging and enriching. 

Originally from Delhi, Aliyah moved to Singapore in 2015, where she lives with her husband and their two dogs – Sirius and Krypto. She is a huge movie, TV and comic book buff – and as you can tell from her dog’s name, she is a big fan of the Harry Potter books.